Our Strategy

Church planting doesn’t just happen. It takes the hand of God, passionate believers, and strategies for growth. Because this is our vision, we are also committed to providing the training, resources, support and encouragement to help you share in the joy of birthing a new church. We see this happening through one or all of these three ways: PARENTING, PLANTING and PARTNERING.


It all begins with a prayerfully developed vision for multiplication, followed by setting God-inspired goals that will bring life to the vision. A parent church, long before it has ever planted, commits itself to raising up leadership from within. A true parent rejoices to nurture and encourage growth from within the family for the expressed purpose of furthering the Kingdom. Parents...

  • Chart the course
  • Confirm the planter
  • Contribute the resources
  • Coordinate the process
  • Celebrate the birth


A church planter within the Classis of Cascades is not a pioneer sent into the wilderness, but an extension of a loving family with a heart big enough to include others. For this reason, a planter receives spiritual and emotional support through interviews, evaluations and training. Every planter is assigned a coach/mentor who has firsthand knowledge for planting and a passion of healthy, sustaining churches. They benefit from an intensive Church Planting Boot Camp and a committed intercessory prayer team. Planters...

  • Pray and expect
  • Envision and stategize
  • Evangelize and disciple
  • Gather and mobilize
  • Shepherd and build
  • Train and develop
  • Launch and celebrate


Although a church needs to commit to parenting and a person needs to feel the call to plant, one of the most important roles in the process is that of partnering. Partners are individuals—they are classes, churches, prayer clusters, synods and the denomination. Partners find joy in the journey by supporting leaders who have been raised out of the harvest, for the harvest. Prayer support and financial support – the giving of time and talents – are essential. Not all are called to be parents or planters but, without a doubt, you are called to be a partner. Partners...

  • Articulate the vision
  • Assist in the process
  • Affirm the planter
  • Appropriate resources
  • Anticipate God’s blessing